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This Is Me.

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Kelsey's the name, Living's the game..

Heavan is a place where every mistake on earth is forgiven, it doesnt matter if you didnt choose “the right faith” you are still his child, and our human minds cannot comprehend the greatness of our exestance, we dont fully know why we are here, but its okay. Because in the end all our doubts of him will be forgiven because when be thought that we were only human. So go ahead make mistakes. God isnt goinf to love you less because je understands. He made u like thisn

i feel like everyone is sad. everyone is born sad. well at least i feel like i am. and In life things happen that leave you happy for a moment. things don’t make you sad, you’re always sad, things just happen that make you happy and temporary cover ups the sadness. well that’s how i think it is for me anyways. if something happy isn’t going on i just feel down, is that normal? and it sucks because i cant always have something happy going on… but happiness is only a temporary high i get from material things and smiles and nice things from other. i wish Happiness came as natural to me as sadness. Why.


Lmfaooooooooo this is the funnies vine video EVER omg

1,769,976 plays 196,410 notes


there shouldnt be an age restriction on drinking because everyone matures at different times

so there should be like a maturity test

like when you feel like your time has come and you’re mature enough to drink you go into this building and you have to say the word “penis” without laughing or even cracking a smile

and if you can do it, youre in. youve got it. feel free to imbibe as much alcohol as you want because you are now the pinnacle of maturity.

thats how it should go down


if bad girls club is still running when i’m 21 I AM SO JOINING


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